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Yoga and Wellness in Galapagos | October 25th 2018

Practice your yoga poses with Sea Lions

Practice your yoga poses with Sea Lions

Renowned yoga and meditation teacher, longtime friend, and former INCA traveler, Phyllis Pilgrim will be leading a special Galápagos wellness adventure this coming October. If you enjoy yoga, meditation, and other mindful practices and would love to experience Galápagos in a new and more profound way, please join us for this unique adventure.    

Phyllis Pilgrim

Phyllis Pilgrim - Your Mindfullness Guide

A survivor of Japanese prisoner of war camps in Indonesia, Phyllis is an author, teacher, world-wide traveler and long time fitness director specializing in yoga, meditation, T'ai Chi and qi gong, all of which will be organically woven into your in-depth Galápagos experience as you cruise aboard the luxury yacht INTEGRITY.

Patricia Stucki

Patricia Stucki - Your Naturalist Guide

Joining Phyllis will be Galápagos naturalist guide, Patricia Stucki, who will share her passion for the flora and fauna of Galápagos. A fellow practitioner of meditiation and yoga, Pati will be guiding guests on shore visits and snorkeling.


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