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Five ways to make your next family get-together a true adventure


Another trip to Grandma's house? Why not treat Grandma to a getaway with the whole family. Organized travel offers an unparalleled opportunity for the family to spend quality time together while experiencing a great shared adventure… and without the challenge of daily group decision-making. Here are five ways to make your next family get-together a true adventure for all generations.

1. Private yacht charter in the Galápagos

Combining fun and adventure for the entire family, a private charter aboard the luxury yacht Integrity gives all the generations a chance to explore one of the most fascinating destinations on earth together.
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2. Peruvian journey to the center of the Inca Universe

Delve into the rich history and flavors of Lima and Cuzco, then descend into the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu to discover the ancient world of the Incas. Travel in comfort and stay in luxurious hotels that reflect the heritage of each region. Share these experiences with your loved ones for a truly spectacular birthday, anniversary or other family milestone.
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3. A private journey to Patagonia.


Discover the charm of Buenos Aires and the stunning wilderness of Patagonia in luxury lodges that provide as much or as little as you wish. Everything from hiking and horseback riding to wildflower photography and luxuriant spas await you as you indulge in incomparable scenery and comfort.
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4. Discover the origins of western civilization in Turkey

Be awed by spectacular archeological sites and natural wonders. Relax aboard your own private sailboat, taking in the beauty of the Turquoise Coast, walk through the spires and cave churches of Cappadocia, and wander the bazaar in Istanbul. A trip suited to family members of all ages that will provide rich memories to savor for years to come.
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5. Discover Alaska's Inside Passage aboard a private yacht

Want to stay closer to home? Reach secluded coves and hidden gems inaccessible to giant cruise ships, share the magic of seeing Alaskan wildlife up close with your loved ones and in the comfort of a luxury yacht.
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