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What is your Antarctica cruise style? New options make it easy to customize.

Antarctic Landscape.  Photo: Ira Meyer

Antarctic Landscape.  Photo: Ira Meyer

Antarctica is now more accessible than ever and there is an expedition to suit you. Take advantage of our new air-cruise options, sail a true research vessel, or enjoy unparalleled luxury to the land of ultimate adventure.

Taming the Drake

Charter flight to Antarctica. Photo: Antarctic XXI

Charter flight to Antarctica. Photo: Antarctic XXI

Crossing the Drake Passage can sometimes be a wild ride. Once a necessary right of passage, you can now fly the Drake.  A two-hour charter flight from Punta Arenas to Chile's Antarctic base on King George Island lands you right in Antarctica, eliminating two days of sea crossing in each direction.  Ideal for those short on time or short on tolerance for rough seas.  

The quickest way to experience Antarctica with flying the Drake Passage: Choose from an 8-day classic Antarctic Peninsula voyage, or a 10 day version that stretches to the Polar Circle.  Combine your Antarctic air-cruise voyage with Patagonia—a visit to one of the spectacular lodges at Torres del Paine Park is an easy add-on.

Beyond the Peninsula

While the Antarctic Peninsula is the pinnacle of every expedition cruise, the polar experience does not stop there. Discover the Falklands on a 12-day combination with Antarctica, an epic 17-day luxury voyage  or 19-day expeditionary voyage including South Georgia.  The truly intrepid traveler, explore the Falklands then journey beyond the Antarctic Peninsula into the Weddell Sea to Snow Hill Island to a known Emperor penguin colony.

King penguin colony on South Georgia.  Photo: Ira Meyer

King penguin colony on South Georgia.  Photo: Ira Meyer

Part of the Antarctic ecozone, the Falkland Islands shares strong ecological connections with both Patagonia and Antarctica.  King, Rockhopper, Magellanic, Gentoo and Macaroni Penguins are among over 22 species of seabirds which breed on the islands. 

First discovered by James Cook in 1775, South Georgia is the final resting place of noted Antarctic explorers Earnest Shackleton and Frank Wild. Visitors to the settlement at Grytviking can learn about the region's history and the legacy of past Antarctic expeditions. Home to vast colonies of King penguins, albatross and giant petrel, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are a remote British Overseas Territory. 

The Weddell Sea is east of the Antarctic Peninsula, rarely visited by tourists, but traversed by many polar expeditions. It is the only place among all our adventures where you can visit an Emperor Penguin colony and encounter the frozen bay that besieged Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition for 14 months.


Expedition Cruise Styles

King penguins greeting the arrival of Le Boreal.  Photo: A&K

King penguins greeting the arrival of Le Boreal.  Photo: A&K

In addition to the wider range of itineraries we are offering, you can select from a wider range of expedition cruise styles. 

For the intrepid expedition enthusiast, the research vessels Akademik Ioffe and Akademik Sergey Vavilov offer basic accommodations paired with a robust expeditionary team and itineraries that go beyond the Antarctic Peninsula.  The ships are fast, quiet very stable, and have the highest ice rating, but may not offer as many on board amenities.

For those seeking a solid Antarctic experience with a few more amenities, Ocean Nova is an ice-class vessel with comfortable cabins and two panoramic lounges and bars.  Operating with the air-cruise format, Ocean Nova is a perfect choice for those seeking adventure, efficiency and a little bit of comfort.

For discerning passengers who prefer exploring in style, choose between Sea Explorer and Le Boreal, two grand luxury vessels offering uncompromising comfort with the excitement of an Antarctic expedition cruise.

No matter which option you select, you get knowledgeable guides and expedition staff, the opportunity to explore via zodiac, sea kayak and land excursions, whale watching, the chance to observe seals, sea lions and penguins in their native habitat, and the once-in-a-lifetime experience of Antarctica!

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