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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure this is the right trip for me?

The INCA experience of the Serengeti is a unique off the beaten path excursion that combines set camps and wilderness walking tours through the northern section of Tanzania. We offer a range of lodges and tented camps throughout the trip that provide you with a high level of comfort and intimacy in the wild setting. High quality meals are served at every juncture along the way.

Walking in the Serengeti: INCA is proud to be one of the few travel companies able to go to the most remote sections of the Serengeti wilderness. Places that for a long time were protected and barred from human interaction. You will be taken into this natural world where few have gone before with the charismatic leadership of guides that are completely enamored with this incredible place. Your fitness level should be average as none of the walking is rushed or strenuous and all of the belongings are taken by the staff as you go. There may be rain along the way, so be prepared for such weather.

What will I will see? 

An area rich in culture and wildlife, the northern part of Tanzania is home to thousands of animal species ranging from birds to large game. There is an outstanding chance of seeing elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards, and cape buffalos on your trip as well as many other species. A place with limited human colonization is still ruled by the animal kingdom. You will also be welcomed into the cultures of both the Maasi and the Hadza to experience and learn about their lifestyles and histories. You may participate in daily activities and nightly dance and song rituals of these incredible people.

About your guides

INCA knows that extraordinary guides are what make a trip. Trained by African Environments they are natural leaders with a passion for uncovering the incredible environments and wildlife of the mighty Serengeti. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion they bring a great experience to the whole journey.

Benhadad Mality

The oldest of eleven children, Ben grew up on the east slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. He has been leading trips through the northern Tanzania safari circuit for six years as a primary trip leader as well as mountain hiking tours. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder and a member of the Interpretive Guide Association, showing a passion for what he does and a level of leadership that is paramount in giving you the best guiding experience. 

Noel Mbwambo

Born in the Pare Mountains, Noel moved to Arusha for schooling as a young boy. His passion for the outdoors was apparent early on as he climbed Mount Meru at age 14. He worked his way from porter to become an experienced trip guide, and now leads walking safaris with the Hadza tribe near Lake Eyasi and with the Maasi tribe in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

James Kivuyu

Of Maasi origin, James has a natural charm and an easy going personality while maintaining a seemingly perpetual smile. He has a passion for leading walking safaris in the Serengeti and spends most of his time in Tanzania for the high season. He leads an array of trips including photography safaris, walking adventures, and mountain treks.

Richard Beatty

Richard Beatty started his career as a keen kayaker and rock climber with Outward Bound, a worldwide organization using adventure trips to educate interested people about the outdoors. Later on he moved to Florida to work with a state sponsored juvenile offenders program, in which he guided trips throughout the swamp and river areas of Northern Florida and Southern Georgia. From the United States Richard moved to Hong Kong where he led Outward Bound trips to China, The Philippines and Borneo for a while before finally coming to Africa. Once in Africa he fell in love with its incredible wildlife and rich culture and for the past 25 years has been leading bush safaris through the less charted zones of the Serengeti. As the first person to walk in the Designated Wilderness Zone, Richard is as well versed in the area as anyone, and his incredible knowledge and love of the land are brought to you as you walk with him through one of the wildest places in Africa.


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