Peru Travel Information — When to go?

When is the best time to go?

Peru has several different climatic zones, however only the coast experiences large swings in temperature.  The seasons are reversed from those of the northern hemisphere. As a general rule, the best overall time to visit the country would be during Peru's winter (May to October). 

View of the coast and Miraflores neighborhood in Lima

Along the dry coastline including Lima, summers are hot and dry. The temperature drops from May to October, however the ocean currents bring in the garúa or fog.

The Sacred Valley

In the highlands (Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu), mid-April through October is considered the dry season where you will find warm dry days and cold nights, particularly in June and July.  The wet season runs November through March, with the wettest time around January and February.  During this time, some of the hiking trails may close due to flooding.

In the Amazon basin, the water level drops considerably during the dry season, bringing the animals much closer into view, however in the wet season, the water level increases and you can penetrate much further into the jungle by boat.  In both seasons, you're likely to have showers as well as hot humid sun.



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