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With our expert guide, you'll learn about the Incan history as you stroll by walls of their fabled stonework in Cusco. One night you will dine on typical dishes like ricotto relleño as you listen to indigenous musicians and watch Andean folk dances. And you can bargain for folklorico in our favorite Indian market in Chinchero.

Enjoy your stay in intimate luxury at La Casona, in the historic El Monasterio, a historic landmark and converted monastery, or at Palacio Nazarenas, a former palace and convent.


The Sacred Valley

Discover Incan fortresses, the picturesque Andean villages of Pisac, Yucay and Ollantaytambo. Visit artisan workshops and markets and admire paintings, pottery, silver jewelry, weavings and gold-leaf decorated carvings. 

Stay in comfort at Tambo del Inka, Sol y Luna or Hotel Rio Sagrado along the Urubamba river.


Machu Picchu

Little in life is as moving as sitting quietly, alone, watching the warm curtain of morning light pushing clouds away from two venerable Picchus—Machu and Huayna. As the outlines of ancient structures loom in and out of the mist, you can slowly discern the silent ruins of a "lost city"—Machu Picchu.


Paracas,  Nazca & Ica

Head south of Lima to learn about the Paracas, Ica and Nazca cultures which flourished in the arid coastal regions south of Lima, now the center of Peru's wine production. Fly over the Nazca lines which have puzzled for generations. Make your own analysis over pisco or wine, as you explore Peru's southern coastal desert.


The Moche Route

On the dry North coast lie the pre-Columbian sites of the Moche, Chimú and Lambayeque cultures. Visit the Tomb of the Lord of Sipán, the pyramids of Túcume and Huacas del Sol y del La Luna. Explore the vast Chimú adobe complex of Chan Chan, the largest urban center in all of Pre-Columbian America and a UNESCO World Heritage site. To learn of modern-day cultures, walk a local traditional healer's market, inspecting the varied offerings. Witness a demonstration of the fabled Peruvian Paso horses, world-renowned for their unique, smooth gate.


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