Antarctic Peninsula Adventure aboard RCGS Resolute


The classic Antarctic adventure

Discover the Antarctic Peninsula in comfort and style aboard RCGS Resolute. Fly from Santiago to the Falkland Islands to commence a cruise that visits historic Elephant Islands en route to the Antarctic Peninsula. 

Having research being conducted on the ship as we traveled, and then having the young people give reports on why and what they were doing was terrific and a real addition to the experience. I cannot say enough about team of young people who oversaw all of the activities. They were fabulous.
— John A., La Jolla, CA

Antarctic wildlife

Observe seabirds, penguins, seals and whales as you explore the Antarctic Peninsula.

As you cross the Antarctic convergence zone, you’ll notice a subtle change in the species of seabirds found soaring alongside the ship. You’re likely to encounter whales transiting the Drake Passage as well. Once in sight of land, you’ll encounter colonies of penguins, several species of seals hauled out on ice, and whales feeding on krill in deep, sheltered bays.

The polar expedition ship RCGS Resolute

Operated by One Ocean Expeditions

Spacious staterooms with all the amenities, RCGS Resolute provides comfort, stability and the highest ice rating.

Spacious, comfortable and stable. RCGS Resolute offers generously sized staterooms, a variety of public spaces with panoramic views and choices for traditional dining or lighter bistro fare.  More about RCGS Resolute »

Your Itinerary

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Day 1 | Arrive Ushuaia

Arrive in Ushuaia and transfer to your hotel. Feel free to relax in the spa, take in the spectacular views of the city below, or stretch your legs along hiking trails found directly behind the hotel. 

Accommodations:  Arakur Hotel & Resort

Day 2 | Embarkation Day

Enjoy a morning at leisure to explore the town of Ushuaia and perhaps visit one of the museums. In the afternoon, you’ll board RCGS Resolute and meet your expedition team and fellow passengers. Enjoy a welcome cocktail as the ship gets underway and your adventure begins!

Accommodations:  RCGS Resolute, BLD

Days 3 - 4 | At sea 

RCGS Resolute continues a southerly course for Antarctica. This stretch of the South Atlantic is rich in its bio-diversity and showcases an abundance of wildlife. We will be joined by hundreds of seabirds including the wandering albatross. Giant petrels and smaller Cape petrels are constant companions as you make your way south. Photographing these magnificent birds takes patience and skill and a photography expert will be on hand to show you the best techniques. Join the ship’s Captain on the bridge and learn about the operations of our modern research vessel. Throughout the day, on board experts will offer a series of presentations about the environment, the wildlife and history and the locations planned in the coming days. As you approach the coastline of Antarctica, you can anticipate an increase in whale sightings.

Accommodations: RCGS Rsolute, BLD

Days 5 - 8 | Antarctic Peninsula

You'll awaken today to magnificent snowy peaks of continental Antarctica laid out before you. Take a deep breath – you have arrived. This is Antarctica.

The waterways of the Antarctic Peninsula are home to deep bays, pristine coves and inlets and numerous small islands. The Gerlache coastline features heavily glaciated mountains permanently covered in ice and snow. Rocky outcrops, known as ‘nunataks’ are home to gentoo, Adelie and chinstrap penguin rookeries and the waters are rich in marine life. Seals, including the powerful leopard seal, are frequently found hauled out on an ice floe. Curious humpback whales and the smaller minke whales are present much of the time as they feed on the vast schools of krill. Sightings of orca are not uncommon.

Your activity program is in full swing and all guests are encouraged to choose how their adventure unfolds. Every day an exciting range of activities has been planned, including guided hikes on shore (both short and long), visits to wildlife colonies with expert naturalist guides. The historic huts and science stations located along the peninsula provide a fascinating glimpse into the past and the present. Zodiac cruising among the ice searching for seals and whales is a memorable activity. Meanwhile, sea kayakers may explore several miles from the ship experiencing Antarctica from an entirely different perspective. The resident photography guide will be on hand to help you with your camera handling and image composition. Maybe what you really want to do is sit on a rock, simply watching the penguins come and go from the water? Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show.

Planned excursions along the Antarctic Peninsula are kept flexible and will depend on weather, sea conditions, ice flows, and wildlife location.

After several busy days of exploration along the Peninsula, you'll head north across the Bransfield Strait, bound for the South Shetland Islands. This is an important whale migration corridor and you can expect sightings of humpbacks, or the resident pod of Orca that inhabit this stretch of water.

Accommodations: RCGS Resolute, BLD

Day 9 | South Shetland Islands

Anvers Island is one of the largest of barrier islands of the Antarctic Peninsula. There are several outstanding sites here as well as on neighbouring Wiencke Island. These locations provide numerous opportunities to venture on shore, breaking into smaller groups. Enjoy short or long hikes, observe penguins, cruise in the Zodiacs or just sit and soak it all in.

A short transit across the Gerlache Strait brings you to the actual continental landmass of Antarctica. A potential shore landing at Paradise Harbour is a highlight as you step foot on the continent proper for the very first time. A nearby hike up a snow-covered hill provides staggering 360-degree views. A Zodiac cruise or paddle into the nearby ice cathedral of Skontorp Cove is another memorable experience.

One of the largest Gentoo penguin colonies along this stretch of coastline can be found on Cuverville Island, situated at the northern end of the Errera Channel. This is an important research site with the populations being carefully monitored by visiting scientists. Our expedition team will be able to tell you more about this important work. Cuverville is a good location for a Zodiac cruise and a circumnavigation of the entire island is sometimes possible. Wilhelmina Bay is a known whale hotspot. This is a magnificent location with towering glaciers tumbling off the mountainous spine of the Antarctic Peninsula. Humpback whales can often be seen breaching and feeding on krill.

Ship: RCGS Resolute, BLD

Day 9 | South Shetland Islands

By morning you'll arrive in the South Shetland Islands. If conditions allow, the ship will sail into the flooded volcanic caldera at Deception Island. This is a dramatic location with historical remnants of old whaling station, rusted old boilers and dilapidated wooden huts. At the far end of the beach is an old aircraft hangar. This is where Australian, Sir Hubert Wilkins, made the very first flight in Antarctica in 1928. There is also an outstanding hike up onto the rim of the crater.

After leaving Deception Island, you'll cruise along the coast of Livingston Island which on a sunny day is a memorable experience. There are a wide variety of landing sites providing encounters with Weddell seals, Elephant seal colonies and nesting Antarctic petrels. In the evening, we navigate north through the McFarlane Strait and into the Drake Passage

Ship: RCGS Resolute, BLD

Days 10 - 11 | Drake Passage

As you make your way back to Ushuaia, the educational presentations continue. You'll enjoy an entertaining and memorable voyage recap by our Expedition Leader. Join our photography experts at the multimedia stations in the Forward Observation Lounge and download your precious images.

Entering the Beagle Channel in the early evening light, you'll enjoy a special farewell dinner attended by the Captain of the ship.

Ship: RCGS Resolute, BLD

Day 12 | Disembark Ushuaia

It's time to say goodbye to your crew. You'll be transferred to the airport for your flight back to Buenos Aires

Dates and Prices

All prices are per person, double occupancy unless otherwise specified.

Departure Twin Private Superior Superior Plus Shackleton Suite One Ocean Suite
10 Mar - 21 Mar 2021 $13,595 $14,695 $14,995 $16,095 $18,595
20 Mar - 31 Mar 2021 $13,595 $14,695 $14,995 $16,095 $18,595
Early Booking Specials:  Must book and deposit by August 31st, 2019
$750 per person travel credit


Booking Documentation

  • Extensive pre-departure information package

  • Onboard information folder

  • Personalized Services

  • Educational presentations from experienced guides such as ornithologists, glaciologists, historians, geologists, naturalists and marine mammals experts

  • Photography advice and instructions from the resident photographer. Extended photography workshops available on select departures


  • All zodiac and landing excursions

  • Zodiac cruising, hiking, guided walks, photography workshops, fitness & yoga

  • Optional overnight camping, including high quality equipment. No pre-registration required. Camping can be affected by itinerary and weather conditions.

Board and Lodging

  • All meals during the voyage prepared by One Ocean expeditions chefs

  • Welcome reception & welcome dinner

  • One Ocean Expeditions Farewell dinner hosted by the Captain

  • Daily afternoon tea with fresh snacks

  • Coffee, tea & hot chocolate available anytime

  • Access to wellness area (Finnish sauna, plunge pool filled with sea water, hot tub)

  • Natural essential oil amenities

Expedition Gear Package for duration of the voyage

  • Windproof/waterproof jacket and bib pants

  • Comfortable insulated rubber boots

  • Water resistant binoculars

  • Waterproof backpack

  • Trekking poles available on shore

Onboard Physician

  • Services of English speaking medical officer

  • Access to ship's infirmary


  • From/to designated meeting points to/from the ship

  • Required flights to/from the ship

  • Luggage transfer to/from your cabin

Multimedia Room

  • Use of multimedia room to download images Lightroom, Adobe, Photoshop and card readers are available for use on MAC and PC computers

Optional Extras

Single Supplement

  • Single guests wishing exclusive use of a stateroom pay 50% of the second berth. Otherwise, single guests are welcome to book as “willing to share” without any single supplement.

Sea Kayaking

  • An extra cost of US$795 per person. Pre-registration required at time of booking. Confirmed access to kayak at any offered excursion. Limited to 30 passengers per voyage. Includes high quality kayaking equipment (dry suits, booties, pogies, paddles, PFD and single or double kayaks)

Not Included

Trip price does not include

  • International and national airfares, except where noted

  • Visa and passport fees, airport taxes

  • Pre- or post-cruise hotel accommodation in arrival/departure cities, except where noted

  • Meals & transfers in arrival/departure cities

  • Personal expenses

  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages

  • Massages from registered therapist

  • Personal laundry charges

  • Postage, telephone calls & email set up

  • Medical expenses such as fees, prescriptions or medications

  • Travel medical insurance including medical evacuation (mandatory)

  • Trip interruption / cancellation insurance

  • Gratuities to staff and crew

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to go?

The Antarctic season runs from late November through early March, with the best weather during December, January and February, which also coincides with breeding season for most penguin species.  Of course weather in Antarctica can be unpredictable, but routes are flexible to maximize your time at the destination.

What will I will see? 

You will get your first glimpse of penguins when you arrive in the Falkland Islands. Colonies of Rockhopper, Gentoo and King Penguins nest throughout the Falklands. All along the way, you'll also encounter a variety of sea birds including several species of Albatross, Petrel and Skua.  Entering Antarctic waters, whales abound with the possibility of sighting Southern Right, Minke, Humpback, and if you're lucky, Blue and Sperm whales.

How can I be sure this is the right trip for me?

Antarctica is the trip of a lifetime. Shore excursions are designed for anyone with reasonable mobility.  Walks with small uphill sections are optional, but a reasonable level of fitness will guarantee greater enjoyment. For the more active, sea-kayaking is also available.

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