Machu Picchu Tour and Galapagos Cruise — More Info

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to go?

Perú's winter season (May to October) brings mild temperatures to the coast, and clear skies to the highlands, although it gets a quite chilly in the evenings in June and July.  More on Perú

March through August is referred to as the “wealthy season” in the Galapagos due to increased mating and nesting activity. More on Galápagos

What will I will see? 

This shortened version of Perú and the Galápagos accommodates those who wish to see both countries, but are on a tight schedule. 

This itinerary provides a magnificent introduction to the wonders of Cuzco, the Urubamba Valley and Machu Picchu. More on Perú

As far as the Galápagos, what you see will depend on the route. More on Galápagos

How can I be sure this is the right trip for me?

Our Galápagos and Perú combination trip offers a perfect balance of activity, education and pure luxury.  It is recommended that you have a higher level of fitness for Peru as walks and hikes are at elevation and can have uphill elements. More on Perú

Good balance, health and proper footwear are essential for both portions to be the most enjoyable. More on Galápagos


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