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Experience all of Galapagos. While cruising one of two breathtaking island routes is an amazing experience, the other route is just as incredible. Why choose just one of them, when you can take a trip around the entire archipelago on a two week cruise that covers both the Eastern and Western routes.

When taking the Ultimate Galapagos luxury cruise, you can select which route to visit first. You can choose to do both on the Integrity or one on each yacht. And you can also choose to combine this trip with more time on Santa Cruz Island enjoying the sites and hotel amenities, a trip into the Ecuadorian highlands or Ecuadorian Amazon Basin, or an adventure in Peru.

With a trip price that is more than a 10% overall savings, make the most of your time in the Galapagos Islands with Ultimate Galapagos.

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Galapagos Luxury Cruise: Kicker Rock / Leon Dormido Snorkeling is excellent here. (Weston Walker)


  • Three days on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos
  • Visit giant tortoises in the wild, Charles Darwin Research Station
  • Two 8-Day/7-night Galapagos Islands cruises aboard the luxury yacht Integrity covering both the Eastern and Western islands.

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