Galapagos Islands Information — Is it for me?

Is this the right trip for me?

Our shore landings in the Galapagos Islands include many short strolls and some longer hikes, usually over rough terrain and sometimes in hot weather. While are none are particularly strenuous, good balance and sturdy shoes will provide a distinct advantage. Obviously, the more fit you are, the more fun you will have. We encourage you to exercise regularly beforehand. If you walk, swim, bicycle, jog, or participate in aerobic workouts, your trip will be easier and more enjoyable.

If in the course of the trip however, you are concerned about your ability to do any particular hike or activity, please consult our naturalist guide before you start. We have structured our itineraries in ways that permit you to skip a planned activity if you choose.


Wet landing on Genovesa

Our 10-day Origins of Species tour is designed for those seeking a balance of nature, education and relaxation.  For those tight on time, our 8-day Galápagos Cruise is just the cruise with no additional services. If you would like extra time to extra time to explore the many attractions of Santa Cruz, we offer a 12-day Galápagos Safari that includes a list of optional activities.

For those who wish to include a bit of culture and want to see a bit of the mainland on their trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos, consider the 13-day Galápagos and Ecuadorian Countryside, or 13 day Galápagos with Hacienda Zuleta, a working ranch in the Ecuadorian highlands.

If you can't get enough nature, consider combining the Galápagos with the Amazon Jungle on a 17-day tour.


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