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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to go?

The Ecuadorian Countryside can also be enjoyed year round, with average highs in the mid-60’s F (20-25 C) and lows around 50 F (7 C). Rain can come at any month of the year and any time of the day, though quick afternoon showers are most common.  For the Galapagos however, there are variations in both water and air temperatures... Read more

What will I will see? 

You visit a selection of villages, each known for a particular craft: Calderón for hand painted ornaments of dough, Peguche for traditional backstrap weaving and musical instruments, Cotacachi where leather goods are the specialty, and San Antonio de Ibarra, known for its wood and stone carving. You also make a stop at the fabled Otavalo market, and at one of the many rose farms north of Quito.  As far as the Galapagos, what you see will depend on the route...    Read more

How can I be sure this is the right trip for me?

Combining the Ecuadorian countryside with the natural life in the Galapagos make this trip extremely well rounded and worthwhile.  With an opportunity to visit local artisans, villages and markets you will find a sense of the Ecuadorian culture, not just the flora and fauna found in the Galapagos. After busy days in small towns and markets, this itinerary gives you the chance to luxuriate in an elegant suite at the La Mirage Garden Hotel and Spa, known for fine dining, a lovely spa and excellent service. Our Galapagos programs are designed to be the perfect balance of education, activity and relaxation...  Read more 



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