Galapagos Adventure Cruise | Overview


Experience the very best of Galápagos aboard INTEGRITY. You'll retrace some of Charles Darwin’s route of 1835 with superb naturalists and in much greater comfort than he experienced: you'll be pampered by an outstanding crew, dine in style and enjoy the views from large picture windows in the comfort of your spacious stateroom. 

This 8-day adventure is just the cruise (no additional services) for those who like to build their own experiences (we’ll help!).

Select between our Eastern and Western routes, two of the most inclusive yacht itineraries in Galapagos. Both routes visit many islands. One route focuses on the western islands including visits on Floreana, Isabela and Fernandina; the other route focuses on the eastern islands including visits on Española, San Cristóbal and Genovesa.

When not ashore exploring the islands, kayaking, or snorkeling with sea lions, penguins, and tropical fish, you'll travel in comfort and style aboard the 141' 16-passenger luxury yacht INTEGRITY. She is equipped with state of the art stabilizers, Wi-Fi, a relaxing sun deck jacuzzi, and plenty of room to unwind and enjoy your Galapagos experience.

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INCA is proud to be the exclusive worldwide representative of INTEGRITY.


  • 8-Day/7-night Galapagos Islands cruise aboard the Galapagos luxury yacht INTEGRITY
  • Included overnight accommodations for transit

Getting close to nature like nowhere else

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