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The classic Antarctic Peninsula cruise aboard either the Akademik Ioffe or the Akademik Sergey Vavilov, two ice-strengthened purpose-built oceanographic vessels. Departing Ushuaia on the southern tip of Argentina, chart a course through the Drake Passage and make visits along the way through the South Shetland Islands. Arriving at the Antarctic Peninsula, be prepared to be dazzled. Even experienced crew members, many of whom have visited the southern region a hundred times or more, are still astonished by its pristine beauty. The abundance of wildlife here is truly extraordinary including five seal species, massive penguin rookeries of gentoo, Adelies and chinstraps as well as a profusion of seabirds from albatross to skuas. It is nature you will experience up close and personal on frequent excursions inland.

Explore Petermann Island or Wilhelmina Bay and encounter colossal icebergs and, of course, the ice landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see. Hardy adventurers or those with a yen for history have the chance to camp out on the ice overnight and feel the thrill and audacity of early explorers who attempted to conquer this continent.

As with all of antarctic expeditions, safety is a top priority. For that reason weather, ice or other conditions may require a change in the itinerary and shore excursions, but that is half the fun of Polar exploring. Predictability is a word that has no relevance in this environment.

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Curious Gentoo penguin greets visitors


  • Abundant penguin colonies
  • Colossal icebergs
  • Zodiac excursions ashore
  • Spectacular whale watching 
  • Optional sea-kayaking, hiking, and camping out on the ice.

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