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Young Explorer's Program

The Young Explorers Program is a marine and ecology program designed specifically for a youth audience. This unique Antarctic program, designed by Lori Gross and modeled after Creative Education's ECO Journeys program is based on the belief that individuals learn best when they are fully immersed in a direct experience, through which they can construct knowledge, skill and value.

This program is designed to enhance the expedition in a way that is both educational and adventurous. Throughout the cruise, Young Explorers will have the opportunity to engage in many activities, both on the ship and in the field. The program will provide participants with a meaningful experience that goes beyond a typical vacation, specifically to:

  • Increase awareness of the natural world and introduce the concept of sustainability
  • Increase knowledge of marine science and Antarctic ecology
  • Develop an understanding for the complex relationship between humans and the natural environment
  • Inspire exploration, creativity and conservation
  • increase self-awareness
  • Cultivate a sense of adventure and love of exploration

The Young Explorers Program will be offered alongside existing adult enrichment that features ornithology, marine biology, history and geology. This gives participants a plethora of adventurous and enjoyable learning options from which to choose.  In addition, the program will also feature art, writing and reflective activities to help individuals process this transformative experience. Individuals may participate in as many or as few activities they wish.

During sea days, Young Explorers will have the opportunity to attend special workshops created just for them. Informative, fun and hands-on programs will teach about the history and ecology of Antarctica, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.  Sample workshop topics include:

  • Marine Mammal Identification
  • Marine Mammal Adaptations
  • Squid Biology - including a squid dissection
  • Fish of the Southern Ocean - including fish printing project
  • Charting the ship's course
  • Identifying wildlife in the field
  • Penguin Adaptations
  • Drawing Penguins
  • Plankton Lab
  • Knot tying and making a knot board
  • Creative Writing
  • Nature Journaling
  • Nature Interpretation through Art
  • Ice!
  • Photo Workshop

The highlight of any Antarctic expedition is the time spent in the field, immersed in the environment. During selected landings, special Young Explorer field activities will be offered. This might include a unique field trip in the Falkland Islands, a special hike, or a zodiac cruise focusing on the specific interests of the Young Explorers.













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