Adventurer's Route to Machu Picchu | More Info

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I go?

Peru's winter season (May to October) brings mild temperatures to the coast, and clear skies to the highlands, although it gets quite chilly in the evenings in June and July.  

What will I see?

The Adventurer's Route to Machu Picchu takes you away from the main tourist route into small indigenous communities and wilderness not seen by most visitors. Hidden Incan ruins dot the remote countryside of the Lares region, and small villages practice ancient weaving and traditinal farming techniques handed down from ancient times. You'll also have ample time to take in the iconic treasures of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. 

How can I be sure this trip is right for me?

The Adventurer's Route offers a daily choice of cultural and active exploration to suit most abilities and interests. Cusco and the Lares region are at significant elevation (up to 12,000'), so we recommend a moderate level of fitness.  For those choosing the more active walks and treks, we recommend additional preparedness. Good balance, health and proper footwear are essential for the most enjoyable adventure.


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