Our Guides, Staff and Associates

Our Staff, Guides & Associates

Providing trouble-free, enjoyable adventures requires constant attention to details where it counts—at the trip location. So we carefully select some of the most important people on your trip—our overseas partners, who work exclusively for INCA travelers. Our thoughtful and caring friends in Ecuador, Perú, Galápagos, and Turkey do it all—from getting roses for your sweetheart to tracking down missing luggage to finding a doctor. They're on call, 24 hours a day, just to take care of you.

Back in the Emeryville office, we plan and organize your trips with exacting detail. We build and maintain close relationships with each vendor to ensure you get the best service through our partnerships. INCA employees regularly travel to the destinations to further their knowledge of the wildlife, guides, museums, site visits, yachts, hotel accommodations and trip content to make sure our adventures are continuing to exceed INCA standards.


The naturalist guide is the most important element in any trip, especially with a destination like the Galapagos. Were it not for the right person to reveal the hidden secrets of the landscape and animals, the Galapagos may all seem a bit boring. These talented teachers make the landscape come alive and reveal what Darwin learned from this magnificent landscape.

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