Secrets of the Serengeti | Tanzania Nature, Culture and Walking | Overview


Sunrise over the Serengeti wilderness slowly pushes away a star-capped night to reveal a land that is buzzing with life. As animals wander the plains in search of food, an ancient tribe gets ready for the hunt. In the heart of Africa, where beast and man coexist as they did at the dawn of human evolution, lies a story that traces through blood and dirt to uncover secrets to our past. 

Join INCA and just seven other guests on an adventure that explores one of this world's most extraordinary places. Where wildlife reigns supreme and the earth is rich with history, our expedition follows a trail that few have taken before. We begin in the natural wonder that is Tarangire National Park, where elephant herds upwards of a hundred can often be seen roaming a sanctuary of grasslands and acacia trees.

We move on to meet the Hadza at Lake Eyasi. Far detached from the fingerprints of modern society, these people are Africa's last hunter-gatherer society and live in a similar manner on their land their ancestors did tens of thousands of years ago. We are taken into their lives to experience a culture that is made from the history and tradition of this unique area.

After leaving the Hadza, we come face to face with the ancient Maasai who once dominated much of the African plains as fearsome warriors and herders. Their rich past is fading into the changes of the 21st century, but they still have stories to tell and a culture to reveal. We join them on wilderness safaris and in village traditions to learn about a past that dates back to the early nomads.

From the Maasai lands, we then move on to the last leg of this remarkable journey. Joined by renowned guide Richard Beatty, we are taken off road and into the uncharted territory of the Serengeti bush. In an area that was once entirely void of human interference, we find ourselves in one of the wildest places on the planet, where the sun sets over a spectacular landscape.

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Lions enjoying a quiet moment in the Serengeti


  • A three-day stay taking in the wildlife of Tarangire National Park

  • Three days with the Hadza to learn about a tribe that has inhabited the Lake Eyasi area for tens of thousands of years.

  • Three days with the Maasai, visiting families, hiking through the Ngorongoro Conservation area, and being immersed in Tanzania's incredible wilderness.

  • Three days of classic walking safari in Serengeti National Park to search for migratory wildebeests and other big game animals

  • A four-day wilderness walking safari through the remote Serengeti bush with special tour guide Richard Beatty.

  • Delicious meals served at every juncture along with beverages

  • Group limited to 8 guests to insure a more personal experience


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