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Machu Picchu luxury travel in condensed format. While similar to our Center of the Inca Universe program, you will spend a few days less in Lima, Cuzco and the Urubamba Valley. The focal point is, of course, Machu Picchu.

The magic of Machu Picchu is yours to discover over the course of three days in these fabled ruins. INCA offers you more time to indulge in Machu Picchu's wonders than any other adventure company.

Why do we spend so "long" in Machu Picchu? A better question is why do others explore this Wonder of the World for so little? In a week you might just be able to discover the depth and breadth of this fascinating and delightfully gorgeous ruin on the mountain saddle. Our three days allow for a guided tour of the main ruins, hikes to Huayna Picchu's Temple of the Moon, the Sun Gate, the Inca bridge and more - along with private exploration at your own pace.

Machu Picchu Luxury Travel: Looking through one of the windows of the "Temple of the Three Windows". (Wes Walker)



  • Walking tour of Cuzco and ruins of Sacsayhuaman
  • Overnight in Urubamba Valley
  • 3 days in Machu Picchu


Starting price per person.
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