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Peru is on virtually every traveler's "must-see" list, and for good reason.  An abundance of nature, culture, history and activity make it the ideal destination for individuals and families alike.

We became irretrievably hooked on Peru in the early 1970's and since 1976 we've been delivering travelers' Peruvian dreams with active, educational adventures. Knowledgeable guides will teach you about the pre-Incan, Incan and post-Columbian cultures. From modern towns to Incan villages, you'll experience natural history, fine accommodations, local cuisine and innovative dining in comfort and style.

Visit ancient ruins and private museum collections. You will walk cobblestone streets, climb worn stone steps and explore the tranquil churches of Cuzco. One evening as you will dine on typical dishes, you will listen to indigenous music and watch Andean folk dancers. And you can bargain for folklorico in our favorite Indian market in Chinchero. Experience the essence of Peru in INCA style.

Looking through one of the windows of the "Temple of the Three Windows" in Machu Picchu. (Wes Walker)



  • Explore Peru's cultural heritage
  • Discover Peru's natural wonders
  • Adventures for the whole family
  • Uncover Lima's trendy food scene

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