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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro can be climbed year round, however there are distinct rainy and dry seasons which will impact your experience.  

January - February:  This is probably the best time of the year, however also the most crowded. Temperatures are warmer, skies are clearer and there is very little rain.

March - May: Not an optimal time, however a climb is not out of the question. Temperatures are moderate, however cloud cover is relatively high and there may be a fair amount of precipitation.

June - August: Temperatures are colder, skies get progressively clearer as you move from June to August. Chances of precipitation decrease as you move later in the season. Because of traditional school holidays, there will be more people on the trail, particularly the later you go.

September-October: Temperatures are moderate, skies are clear and there will be little chance of precipitation. Summer crowds on the trails gradually taper off later in the season.

November: Another period of higher precipitation, with fewer people on the trails.

December: Moderate temperatures are matched with moderate precipitation and visibility. The holiday weeks will generate a few more hikers on the trail.

How can I be sure this is the right trip for me?

A Mt. Kilimanjaro climb is perfect for any guests seeking a high-altitude trekking experience where no technical climbing expertise is necessary. It is a climb for those seeking a strong mental and physical challenge. While very rewarding at the top, one must be prepared to devote time to preparation through stair stepping, leg strength training and even some running. During the hike, you will be tested not only by the uphill, long distance walks, but by extreme changes in altitude and frigid, even rainy weather.

While we truly believe anyone who sets their mind to this challenge can accomplish it, we urge guests to speak with our representatives to ensure it will be an enjoyable and life changing experience for them.

What else can I do while I'm in East Africa?

A great way to cap off your Kilimanjaro climb would be a visit to the exotic island of Zanzibar for a little Swahili culture and relaxation on idyllic beaches.
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